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    Business Information Management

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    Information management is vital for today's business. It requires significant investment and supports critical business process.

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    Essentials of Marketing

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    The common usage of market means a place where goods are bought or sold. A market need not necessarily mean a place of exchange.

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    Technology Based Entrepreneurship

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    Technology Based firms have an innovative role in the emerging knowledge economy, espcially at an international level indeed

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    Interior Design Handbook of Professional Practice

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    “This is the era of design.” The mass media proclaimed the above as the new millennium began. Academics and professionals have been holding conferences about it for a while now.

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    Art and Art-Attempts By Christy Mag Uidhir

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    Art and Art Attempts is about what follows from taking intention dependence seriously as a substantive necessary condition for something's being art.

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    The Art of Clowning is the book on clowning technique and offers a step by step process for actors and other theatrical enthusiasts to discover their inner clown.

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    Crafting Creativity & Creating Craft : Courtney Lee Weida

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    This nine chapter volume will explore creativity in art teaching and contemporary craft. It will provide the reader with a wealth of resources and frameworks for utilizing craft media (fiber, ceramics, baskets, needlepoint, knitting, etc.)

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    Creativity : Robert W. Weisberg

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    Creativity: Understanding Innovation in Problem Solving, Science, Invention, and the Arts presents the major psychological theories of creativity and illustrates important concepts with vibrant and detailed case studies that exemplify how to study creative acts with scientific rigor.

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    Building Web Apps with Go : Jeremy Saenz

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    Keep in mind that there are still portions of this book that are incomplete and need some love. The beauty of open source publishing is that I can give you an incomplete book and it is still of value to you.

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